F1: Is This The End for Ferrari?

In the F1 department, Luca di Montezemolo, head and chairman of Ferrari is currently frustrated because it seems, he had to take his team out of the Formula One due to his long-winded dispute with the F1 Federation International d’Automobile (FIA) that hasn’t resolved just yet. It is said that Montezemolo was displeased with the recent changes of the Formula One’s rules. “Formula One isn’t working,” is how he simply told the Journal about the situations in a nutsehll, during an interview in Maranello, Italy.
He expressed complaints that the Federation has forgotten all about the essence of racing; excitement. He also said that nobody watches racing for the efficiency, and that the new regulation is basically just a hindrance. The regulations which frustrated Montezemolo is how FIA decided to put into effect the policy of all the cars need to be environmentally friendly and efficient in energy. They are starting to introduce new types of turbo hybrid with V6 engine, which creates less pollutions and noises.
However, the boss of the iconic motor sport brand disagree, he said that it would restrict one of the appeal of Formula One; the roaring engines. There are also many aspects of the policies that Montezemolo disagreed of, he is forced to consider other options now. Either to pull out of the F1 business or to adapt.